We think we have, when we haven’t got.
We try to see with our eyes being closed.
We think we owe when we only bought.
We need to know what we are or are not.

Cheap doesn’t mean it is easy to get.
So don’t call me cheap, if I don’t get payed,
Don’t call me expensive because I “deserve”.
You only can give me what you have earned.

Don’t give me money, I am not a thing.
You can do something, but not anything,
You can be someone, but not anyone
By the time I count from two to one.

If you want to leave you must see the door.
If you don’t have the key, don’t break the lock,
If you don’t have my heart, I can’t give you my soul.
You are not a devil, so don’t you cajole.

When I say I fly, I fly far away,
I don’t see the past, just the following day.
When we have met it was somewhere in May.
Now it’s May again. You don’t have to repay.

I don’t feel there is any goodbye,
Because in my memories you wished you would die.
Your ship is doomed. I’m the only rat left.
So will I sink? Or will I be deft?