I hate the way you look at me,
Just like you look at them.
You almost bark, but I don’t flee,
Because I see your sham.

I almost hate, but not love yet.
Conundrum is your life.
And I’m stuck inside this net,
You see your patch with lie.

I wish I could just peel you off
Like layers of my skin.
But you are such a sneaky dwarf,
Somehow got in between.

You are a needle in haystack,
I lost you long ago.
And you are rusty like a hack,
Forgotten and alone.

You will believe in false return
Of miner who is dead.
And if your soul doesn’t burn,
It still cannot be pled.

There is no sense in these dull words,
But I still love and hate
The way you kill my own birds.
Their bodies have turned slate.