Anatomy of people is insane
My lungs are full of water and black flames
My heart is almost at the shooting range
And after this withdrawal comes revenge

Right go through the devil’s side
Come here rape my heart
Cut me open inside
I wanna see your vanes turning black and white

Come back to the world of light
Show me you were right
Take back my delight
You wanna chase me down till you get your fight

Don’t say we were wrong and God was right
Our dreams are full of anger and tonight
I’ll burn my own sentenced copyright
Don’t sign the book of devil and his mite

Right go through the devil’s side
There is no sane rite
We do we decide
Don’t let me break apart to the wrong and right

Take back your ruthless gibe
I’ll stay cause you’re trite
You’ll go cause I’m ripe
Don’t say we’re dead cause we were not alive