Recently days are fox-colored
Sneaking through my life trying to stay in shade
Howling, crying, making sounds which I cannot comprehend
I screw my eyes and still the reality is cutting through my
      shrunken pupils
I am fox-colored. Not red.

My naked feet are noiseless, my sense of smell is disgusted by
      stinking weeks
Flying by and never coming back
I go down the stairs of my callous routine
There is no trace to be followed‒I cannot come up again
And the world devours me with fox-colored teeth

I’ve lost my sense of self-preservation, I’ve lost my fur
My skin is blue, I am cold and yet I cuddle myself with my
It used to be fox-colored too
If I die no fox-body will be left
Days will become rat-colored and my rat-corpse will rot forever
      on the steps of reality