There was something so natural in calling your name.
I didn’t even think I would ever pronounce this sounds 
So easily, but full of emotions. People will always blame 
Me in being so far with you crossing the bounds.

But I don’t care as long as you put your arms around 
And say that whatever happens you will always be here,
You will always protect me from even a little sound 
Of people telling how stupid I am that I put away my fear 

And believe you as long as possible, as long as you need,
As long as the horizon goes away from two of us standing 
On the grass watching the sunset from the highest hill.
The only thing I will never believe is you are pretending.

I will never regret, just stay a little bit longer.
I know this is not forever and when you go away
I will try to go through all of it being more sober,
But right now take my hand and I will live only today.