When I stare in the mirror sometimes I see Her
staring back with these water drops eyes and little
Mona Lisa smile. I wonder if that’s too much to be
an individual and not enough to be a person.
I wonder if that’s how other people see themselves,
reflected in this almost ideal surface, not alive.
And I also wonder why I always see Her and not
me. I never believed when He said She reminded
of me so much.
Maybe that is exactly the false reason of Him say-
ing “we” need to take a pause.
A pause from reality I ask Him. He never answers.
When we first met after 3 years long marathon of
love, candles which smelled too sweet but I never
complained, of kisses that used to leave wet spots
on my cheeks, of beautiful but fake words that He
used to love as much as my parents hated Him, I
couldn’t make myself say anything. I stared at His
grave and didn’t say a word. I didn’t cry even when
I saw Her grave for the first time.
I only cried when I realized there was no space left
for me. No place for my grave.